T.I.P.S. For Healthy Parenting in this New Normal

Image of Andi Magtoto
Andi Magtoto
Stay calm and parent with discipline and it will all be ok

With coronavirus continuing its spread, we are now officially in a time of social distancing. And as we are all working to be responsible and keep others at a safe distance, it’s also important how we find ways in explaining this ‘new normal’ to our children. In this difficult time, modeling patience, creativity, resourcefulness and positivity can help your children adapt to this big change as your mindset and interactions with your children can have a major effect in their well-being.

T.I.P.S on how to help children adapt to the “new normal” due to COVID-19

  1. Create a schedule
    Daily schedules are very important. Stick to the schedule you created. It will not only keep things calm, but it helps your whole family feel more in control and structured during these difficult, long days.
  2. Foster Independent Play
    One of the best benefits of getting your child to play independently is it allows you some free time to get other things accomplished or... RELAX.
  3. Use a timer to help with transitions
    Use the alarm on your phone to help your child transition from one activity to another so your child knows exactly when an activity is over. For example, "In 2 minutes when the timer goes off,  it’s time to clean up." Your child will learn quickly that when the alarm goes off the current activity ends and a new activity will begin.
  4. Set a Life-Skill goals
    Whether it is potty training or learning to dress themselves, you will be amazed at what your child can learn while they are at home.
  5. Support your own emotional well-being
    Sitting outside for five minutes and taking a breath, looking on social media, or even eating a piece of chocolate, you deserve it! If you are not taking care of yourself, you will become ineffective when working with your child.
  6. Make a ritual of Fun Friday
    Choose activities that would be fun for you and your family to do together, and Fun Friday will give both you and your children something to look forward to.

Remember: Kids are natural learners who learn through play and exploration—and there will be no shortage of cool stuff online to explore these days. ;) Don’t forget to visit our English For Fun Youtube Channel and sign up for our Virtual CAMP QUARANTINE, Monday to Friday 4.5 hours per day!