Coronavirus: NO FEAR...Safety Worker's Kids Get FREE Classes

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English for Fun children celebrate the real heroes...KIDS! Service Worker's kids gear up for free online classes while their parents are saving lives!

AT English for Fun we have decided that it is time to help out in any way that we can. We are DOers and NO FEAR is our motto.

Coronavirus will not stop us from helping children and families through these uncertain times. 

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We have already offered the city of Pozuelo our school to use as point of contact, as a storage space or as a hub for ill people in need of support!



WE have made a Homeschooling for Fun parents guide to support our families through the next weeks. It is filled with ideas, resources and FUN for the whole family.

WE even developed a system to keep our educators in action so that they stay focused on children and learning! Remember that our team is from 16 different countries and they have no way to pick up and go home.

Our team represents 16 countries and that means the global community comes to our children every day at English for Fun

Their adopted home is Spain and we want them to stay busy and stay safe. How do teachers feel safer? In classrooms with children! So our online courses are up and running and they are already meeting the needs of children, worldwide!


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Teaching for Fun Online

Now we are preparing to help out in more ways by doing what we do best...EDUCATING KIDS! IT's time to show a little solidarity for the real HEROES...

Safety Worker's...

Food technicians smiling at camera in a food processing plant

And their KIDS:

Nice little engineer

You know...the ones in quarantine without the luxury of spending time with mom and dad because their parents are busy saving all of US. These kids are forgotten heroes...

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We are offering FREE online classes for the children of our doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters and pharmacists and those who are risking their lives right now to keep us all safe. These children do not have the luxury of a parent at home, planning out a Homeschooling for Fun schedule. These children need to keep learning while mom and dad work. They need us all to pull together to make sure that EVERY kids is OK.

Give these kids a ladder now...

Highly intelligent little boy in the classroom standing on a stepladder to reach a complex mathematical problem on the blackboard that he is busy solving

And they will grow up to become adults who are just like their parents...

Business group climbing a ladder isolated over a white background

So while mom and dad are fighting Coronavirus, our teachers are prepared to entertain their children in our online courses.

Abby is Happy Happy Happy to Meet YOU!

WE call it:WORKER WEDNESDAY KIDS English ONLINEOn Wednesdays, our classes go to support these families in need!! We staffed to give away 300 places each week. And if we need more...well English for Fun has always risen to the occasion and we love a good challenge. BRING IT ON!

Hey...maybe more schools will follow our lead. Lets pay it forward for KIDS, right?!?


English for Fun online has these great teachers ready for FUN:

English for Fun STANDs BY YOU!

What do our online classes look like? The same as when we have FUN in person!

We learn about a different theme each week. The class begins and ends with music and FUN.

Children will practice vocabulary and how to use those new words in actual sentences.

The classroom involves cooking so ingredients are required at home. And several activities are added throughout so that we have plenty of opportunities to practice our new vocabulary and phrases.

We have FUN moving around between activities:

WE also practice our Interpersonal Skills:

Other important details of our ONLINE CLASSES: 

The classes are group classes,

One hour each.

Children are leveled from the first years of life (Starting at 1 year old with Baby classes, then Toddlers, Little Kids and from 5 years old on Big Kids are leveled by age/language level)

Contact us now to enroll. You can sign up for online classes through our website or by clicking on the link above and we will schedule a meeting to put your child in the right classroom.


Coronavirus is nothing but a FEARful virus, just like a Parasite... We know that the only way to conquer these creeps is to be better prepared! The 21st Century has the toughest learners of all, Generation Z. And they are not about to let some little virus WIN. Digital Natives can learn ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME.


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